Performance Workshops

In the mornings, acting-focused students will participate in a variety of drama-related workshops that will help hone your skills as a multi-faceted performer. These immersive workshops are taught by Canada’s leading professionals, and offer you an in-depth foray into professional acting and performance.

Music-focused students will participate in state-of-the-art workshops that introduce fundamental music tools and techniques used in theatre, dance and live performance. Methods for recording music, assembling, mixing and performing dramatic audio scenes will be taught though hands-on workshops.

Acting Classes

High-energy, intensive and immersive classes for drama students.

  • Hands-on, in-depth workshops from foundational acting, voice, and movement to specialized classes including clown, stage fighting, and acting for the camera
  • Taught by Canada’s leading theatre professionals
  • Small class size ensures tailored instruction and personalized feedback
Final Performance
Faculty of Music Electronic Music Lab

Music Classes

Dynamic, immersive workshops exploring sound design in performance.

  • Hands-on, in-depth workshops focused on the fundamental tools and techniques in music used in theatre, dance and live performance
  • Methods for recording, assembling, mixing and performing dramatic audio scenes and will be taught
  • Use your own instruments/voice in compositions
  • Taught by Canada’s leading instructors from the Faculty of Music at U of T
  • Small group classes are designed to maximize the student’s experience

Embodied English Classes

In the afternoons, you will take part in Embodied English classes. This innovative and effective teaching technique builds confidence, and fine-tunes the nuances of English for advanced speakers. Using acting techniques, pronunciation, and intonation, the classes help you embody the intricacies of the English language with native-like fluency.

*Native English speakers may opt to participate in specialized studies in theatre or music.

Creative, acting-focused English classes.

  • For high intermediate to advanced speakers
  • Innovative approach that uses acting techniques for native-fluency communication
  • Fine-tune language skills in a fun, exploratory setting
embodied english
Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre

Extracurricular Outings

In the evenings, you will go on exciting excursions that explore Toronto’s vibrant arts and culture scene – from catching an award-winning play to visiting top Toronto attractions! Weekends will include outings to established theatre companies, visits to backstage, prop houses, design studios, etc. You will walk away from this summer experience with an enriched knowledge of Canadian theatre and culture.

Explore Toronto, its theatre and culture.

  • Daily excursions to explore Toronto’s vibrant arts and culture scene
  • Visits to major theatre productions

Whether you are coming from a different city, country or continent, University College Summer Drama for International Students offers an environment of growth and exploration for students entering or currently enrolled in a college or university.  Part of the allure of this program is the international aspect of the participants, and high intermediate, advanced and native speakers of English are encouraged to apply.

You will develop into confident, multi-faceted performers and make lasting friendships with fellow students from around the world, all while enjoying the multi-cultural and enriching environment of the city of Toronto.

Sample Schedule

A typical day at UCSD

7:30am ~ 9:00amBreakfast
9:00am ~ 12:30amActing/Music Workshops
12:30pm ~ 2:00pmLunch
2:30pm ~ 4:30pmEmbodied English Class
4:30pm ~ 5:30pmFree Time
5:30pm ~ 6:30pmDinner
6:30pm ~ 9:30pmEvening Activity or Outing