Here you will find important information about where you will be staying while you are at the University of Toronto. Parents, for additional important details that pertain to both you and your child, please be sure to read through all sections of the Information for Registered Students section of this website.


All events and trips are led by enthusiastic Canadian university students who act as counsellors and ensure the safety of all students. These counsellors are responsible for supervising the students during all activities.

Counsellors live in the residence with the students and have “on-call” duties to ensure that students obey curfew times and have someone to contact in case of overnight emergencies.

Our counsellors are great resources for high school students, as they have all been through exactly what you’re going through right now! Questions about university? Life in general? Ask away!


The curfew in the residence is 11:00pm. All students must be on their floors by 11:00pm each night. All students must be in their own rooms and respect quiet hours by 12:00 midnight.

>>>Residence organization

Boys and girls are separated in the residence. They are housed at opposite ends of a long corridor in the University College residences. The shared bathroom facilities are assigned accordingly.


The Porter’s Desk in Morrison Hall is staffed 24 hrs/day, seven days a week. The residence is on an electronic fob system, and the building is locked 24hrs/day.

In addition to the staff of the Summer Program, there is a Residence Don on call every night as well as a professional staff member.  The Residence and Student Life Assistant, Assistant Dean, Residence Life, and Dean of Students all live on-site and are available in case of emergency.

While the Toronto Police Services can always be contacted, the University of Toronto also operates our own Campus Police who are available in case of emergency.


The University of Toronto expects students staying in our residences to abide by our standard residence policies. Please refer to the detailed  University College Summer Occupancy Agreement found in the Terms and Conditions section of your Welcome Package.

>>>Leaving campus

Students are not allowed to leave the campus without permission from their parents/guardians. If a parent or guardian would like to sign out a student, they must send an email  AT LEAST 24 hours in advance to that provides the date, time frame for when the student will be signed out, and who will be picking up the student.

Please be aware that there are rules at the International Summer Theatre Program that must be followed by all students (even if you are 18). If students would like to leave the general vicinity to head to the corner store etc., an International Summer Theatre Program staff member must be informed when you leave and return to the residence.

For more information and to download the sign-out sheet, click on the button below:

 Production still from  I Have Not Lingered in European Monasteries . Photo credit: Paul J. Stoesser. 

Production still from I Have Not Lingered in European Monasteries. Photo credit: Paul J. Stoesser.